Genesis 35:1-15: Revive Us Again

RYMCast is a VGM player for Sega Genesis/Megadrive videogame music files. Based on our work for the RYM2612 Iconic FM Synthesizer, RYMCast is a highly accurate and genuinely sounding cross platform VGM player. It’s our humble contribution to the Sega Genesis/Megadrive community.

Direct download

Key features

  • Cycle-accurate YM2612 emulation and output modeling, including Ladder Effect and filtering (uses the same audio engine as the RYM2612)
  • Individual scopes for each channels
  • Per channel mute and solo
  • VGM stream speed adjust
  • Sequencer-like pause function
  • Audio export to WAV, AIFF & FLAC formats
  • Stereo or multi track audio export
  • Instrument patch extractor (supports RYM2612’s .repatch and Deflemask‘s .dmp formats)

The perfect companion app

Simply drag & drop synth patches on our RYM2612 Iconic FM Synthesizer, directly into the Reason rack.


RYMCast was inspired by the venerable 16-bit Audiophile Project which we want to thank a lot for the initiative and the quality of their recordings. We often used them as reference audio material to fine tune even the smallest parameters of our rendering engine.

And if you’re seeking for Genesis VGM files on the web, chances are you’ll land on Project2612 which we humbly think should be considered public utility! Thanks to them and the wonderful community of contributors.


Start playing a VGM file. Optionally solo the desired channel (that’s easier to locate the instrument you want to export). Then pause the player. You’re given the choice between two patch formats. When still paused, perform the actual drag’n’drop from any channel’s scope to your desired location (desktop, explorer/finder window, Reason rack)

PCM samples use the channel 6’s DAC feature to playback, which completely override the standard FM output on that channel. While the drag’n’drop patch export feature will work “as excepted”, if your VGM song use PCM samples, you’ll probably end up with useless FM patches. PCM samples export feature is likely to be implemented in a near future, though.

Feedback, suggestions, bug reports

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